December 15, 2011

Office 365 and Azure domain verification with


I'm using domain registrar and Office 365 and Azure Active Directory (AD) needed to verify or validate that I'm the owner of the domain. This is done by either adding TXT or MX record to the DNS records at (domain registrar).

TXT is the preferred method in order to minimize risks of causing issues in mail delivery if one manages to type in incorrect values for the MX record.


In my (test) scenario I wanted to register

Office 365 instructs the following:

  • In the TXT box for the domain, type the following: @
  • In the Fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or Points to box, type the following: MS=ms12312312
  • Where it asks for TTL information, type the following: 1 Hour

    Now, in, I only have the fields Host and Description:


    Host field didn't accept @.


    In Host field, type in the third level portion of the domain name, in my case intra, or if you’re registering full domain in Azure, type in [empty]. In Description, type in the MS=ms12312312.


    Save and accept the changes and wait for some time (for me it took maybe 1-2 hours) and you can successfully verify the domain in O365 admin console.

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