December 15, 2011

SharePoint Online: You can use your custom domain name, but...

Keep the following things in mind:

  1. You cannot use custom domain name in your private (=HTTPS) SharePoint Online sites.
  2. What you will can use for your private site can only hope that is available, otherwise you will end up with
  3. CNAME won't help you either, because you cannot modify AAM settings of your SharePoint Online sites.

What you can do to ease end user's life of they wish to use their custom domain name is to

  1. Create public SharePoint Online site with the custom domain name and redirect users to actual private site
    PROs: You can do it with SharePoint Online's Redirect page layout
    CONs: You will use up your one and only public SharePoint Online site slot
  2. If you have any other servers with web sites you can host web site there and have a simple HTTP redirect from that web site to
    PROs: You won't use up public web site slot in SharePoint Online
    CONs: You will need to have web server somewhere where you can implement the HTTP redirection.

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