February 14, 2018

Azure B2C: Cannot delete directory due to ProxyIdentityExperienceFramework


I wanted to delete my testing Azure B2C directory, and followed steps to remove it at here and here. However, attempting to delete the directory, indicated that there was some app registrations preventing the deletion.


Clicking on the Required Action, I could see the Native ProxyIdentityExperienceFramework still existed. WHen I went ahead to delete it, I found out that the Delete button was disabled.


This app was created as part of configuring Azure B2C to use custom policies, as described here. App wasn’t a “converged app”, so it wasn’t visible in the Microsoft Application Console in order to delete it, as some suggested. I had also emptied the application of any Redirect URIs, Owners, Required permissions. Still the Delete button remained disabled.


  1. Go to Azure B2C tenant
  2. Click Azure Active Directory on left menu
  3. Click App registrations
  4. Select All apps from filter drop-down
  5. Select the ProxyIdentityExperienceFramework app
  6. Select Manifest
  7. Change availableToOtherTenants to false
  8. Click Save
  9. Click Delete to delete the app

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