April 8, 2013

SharePoint 2013: Adding Script Editor to page breaks RSS Viewer web part


As soon as you add Script Editor Web Part to a page in SharePoint 2013 and publish the page, RSS Viewer Web Part will get stuck on the loading animation. If you remove the Script Editor Web Part, RSS Viewer Web Part start to work immediately.

NOTE! When in Edit mode, and even after checking-in the page, RSS Viewer works nicely, this only occurs after you publish the page.


None, will add it here as soon as I figure out a workaround. Occurs at least on March 2013 update, unsure if it occurs on RTM bits.


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  1. Interesting I have a similar issue in 2010, script editor not included although I do have my own jquery in the page layout. Everything works until I hit that publish button.

  2. Did you get the solution? I am facing same issue?

  3. Solution is to install latest Cumulative Update. April 2013 CU did fix the issue, but June 2013 CU is recommended to fix other issues that came in June 2013 CU.