April 16, 2013

Office 365: Have to press "Sign In" twice to log in with new login UX


If you're using 3rd party password manager application, such as LastPass, you might run into issue where you need to press "Sign In" button twice in order to log in.


  1. Type in username + password
  2. Press "Sign In"
  3. You see the progress indicator flash beneath the user name text box shortly, but nothing else happens
  4. You press "Sign In" the second time
  5. You get authenticated and logged in

This is due to new ADFS improvement made in the new Login UX. The improvement is great for ADFS users as it verifies the user name field automatically when focus moves away from the user name box, BUT for us password add-on users it will cause nasty side effect of having to hit Sign In twice. This is because user name validation javascript is not run when password manager injects username and password to the form.



Keep pressing that Sign In until you're in.


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