May 17, 2009

Media Center Status Application version released

  • No more error messages if you hit Cancel or type incorrect credentials on Twitter login dialog
  • Fixed a bug when Twitter status wasn't updated when Facebook login was cancelled or failed
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  1. Hello.
    Is there a way to only tweet when a recording starts?

  2. Hi,
    currently it only tweets about the programs you watch.

    Could you specify your wish a bit more, would it tweet something like "is recording NAME OF PROGRAM" when a recording starts?

    What if when you're recording something on channel A, and you tweet "is recording X", then while that recording is still ongoing, another recording starts parallel on another channel (B). Should you tweet immediately "is recording Y", or ignore parallel recordings and not tweet on those?

  3. I have 3 Fire-dtv and would like to have 1 tweet for every recordning that starts.

    Your example "is recordning Name of program" sounds ok to me.

    This should be very good for me.

    my email is

    Easier to have conversation there.


  4. 0.5.3 released, containing the feature you requested: