April 5, 2009

Media Center Status Application version 0.5.2 released!

What's new
  • Own tweets are not shown in Media Center if Twitter friends status update display is enabled
  • You can now define which friends' tweets are shown
  • Configuration tool is now installed with the tool

To enable viewing your friends' tweets in Media Center, you must configure it using the Configuration Tool. Check "Show friend status updates" will show all your Twitter friends' tweets in Media Center. While this is cool, you may wish to limit it only to a few selected friends. This can be done by adding your friends' Screen Name in the "Show status updates from these friends only". You can add many friends by separating the screen names using semi-colons (;).

Twitter friend's Screen Name is the one highlighted in yellow in the image below. Do not confuse it with the Twitter user's Name, which in the example below is "Alison".

Download page

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