October 21, 2008

Media Center Facebook Status Application 0.4.3

Media Center Facebook Status Application version 0.4.3 has been released.


  • You may now configure the times when status is updated to Facebook or XML file. To do this you must set HKLM\Software\Hamar Data\FBMCE\Service_Facebook_TimeEnabled to SH-EH (string value), where SH is the start hour and EH is the end hour in 24hour format. E.g., defining 18-02 will mean that status is only updated between 18 and 02 (6 PM and 2 AM). If the registry value is empty, status will always be updated.

Next version

  • Better support for x64. Currently the application is x86, but runs on x64 Vista also. You just have to make sure the registry keys are set correctly after installation by using this registry file.

Facebook application page is here.

Direct link to full version is here.

Direct link to 0.4.3 patch that requires some manual steps but no restarts is here

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