February 15, 2008

New version of Facebook Status application, 0.2.1

Hooray! To celebrate the launch of the application I bought myself a beer and enjoyed it on front of Visual Studio 2008. I know - it is kind of naughty, as it is only Thursday today. Or was...

Anyways, finished working with the application for tonight and uploaded a new version, 0.2.1, here.

At some point I'll maybe learn the WiX secrets of minor/major upgrades so that the MediaState won't have to be reinstalled every time as it is the one that requires the two Vista restarts. So for now just sit back and relax and think of the summer, which is apparently on its way, while waiting for the restarts to complete.

  • Supports Facebook infinite sessions
  • Status updating may be enabled/disabled for each media type separately.
    • Currently this is done by modifying registry values (EventsEnabled_...) in HKLM\Software\HamarData\FBMCE or HCL\VirtualStore\Machine\Software\HamarData\FBMCE.
There were some strange behavior regarding the VirtualStore as I only learned about it a few hours ago, but as far as I know, you should find the registry values in the VirtualStore hive.

Coming soon...which will be after my winter holiday in few weeks: Ability to filter out certain Status updates (with RegExp) based on the title of the media...:P

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