February 26, 2008

Forms Server: Invalid Canary for view file

We have two Web Applications both containing one Site Collection. We have a custom InfoPath form in Forms Server and the form is activated on both site collections.

After the lunar eclipse, the form on the second site collection refused to work, giving an error on the browser:
"There has been an error while loading the form. A required resource could not be downloaded. To try to resume the download, refresh the page."

In MOSS log you can find interesting errors such as:
  • "The Canary data been tampered with for form [FORM GUID]:ver:[VERSION]"
    • Where [FORM GUID] is the GUID and [VERSION] is the version of your defective form
  • "WARNING: Invalid Canary for view file."
Form works fine on both site collections when using Firefox. When using IE, the other site collection's form does not work.

Clear IE browser cache.

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