August 1, 2017

UNMS on Azure

Below are the bare minimum steps to install Ubiquiti’s Network Management System on a Docker container on Azure Ubuntu VM. After adding my ER-X-SFP v 1.9.7 to UNMS, I can now see it on the UNMS console.

  1. Create new VM "Docker on Ubuntu Server"
  2. clip_image001

    1. For VM Size, I used Basic A1, which nearly corresponds with the requirements for RAM (1.75GB vs 2 GB)
  3. Connect to VM using Putty
    1. Username and pwd are the ones you typed in when creating the VM
  4. Update Ubuntu to 16.04.1 (or newer)
  5. $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

  6. To check upgrade succeeded, run
  7. $ lsb_release -a

  8. According to UNMS installation steps at run commands
  9. $ curl -fsSL > /tmp/ && sudo bash /tmp/

  10. Add HTTP endpoint to Azure VM, optionally allowing it only from your IP address
  11. Connect to UNMS using browser at
  12. In UNMS Settings, I changed the “Ping Address” to as suggested at

Optional modifications

In addition I changed UNMS Inform port using the following command, and added endpoint to Azure to allow it from my home IP.

$ sudo bash /tmp/ --ws-port 8444

I also added CNAME to my DNS provider to access UNMS using my my own domain name. In UNMS settings at Settings –> UNMS I added this custom domain name to “UNMS Hostname/IP”.


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