June 29, 2016

SQL Server: Log Shipping backup job fails


After configuring Log Shipping, the first job that runs is the transaction log backup. However, it keeps on failing with very generic error:

Executed as user: DOMAIN\sqlagent1. The step failed.

No matter what you do, it just won’t log anything else, e.g., configuring the Job step to log to file just ends up with empty log file. Also the log table contains no rows for this specific step.


I finally tried executing the sqllogship.exe command from the failing Job step on the SQL server:

"s:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\130\Tools\Binn\sqllogship.exe" –Backup <GUID> -server SQL-1

and it displayed me dialog that .NET Framework 3.5 was required on the server. After installing that from “Add Roles and Features”, the Job finally executed without issues.


  1. While I didn't come across your solution while troubleshooting I had the same problem with my SQL 2016 log shipping and found the same solution after googling and troubleshooting the permissions.

    Good to know this solution is out here and commenting too boost this somehow.

  2. Thank god I finally saw this post. This problem has been kicking my ass most of the day. I'm also using SQL 2016.

  3. This one definitely had me scratching my head, thanks for posting, big help!

  4. Thanks for your great advice. It is really work :D

  5. I have framework installed and it is still failing for me.