January 27, 2015

Office365 PowerBI error: ‘oops, something went wrong’


Opening Office 365 PowerBI reports in a browser doesn’t work for some users. Instead of a working report, they get error “oops, something went wrong”, followed by descriptive error “[object Object]”. Error is raised from infonav.min.js.

Issue occurs on some users, regardless of what browser they are using. For some users it occurs only on IE, but not on Chrome.



Further investigation showed that the issue is due to users having increased the text size in Windows. With Chrome, you can use all text sizes except the largest one. With Internet Explorer, only the smallest text size works.

Please note that number of steps on the slider might differ depending on the resolution of your screen. If in doubt, go for the Smaller end, and increase one step at a time to find our the breaking point in your configuration.


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