June 19, 2013

SharePoint 2010 June 2013 Cumulative update issues and fixes

The following things that got introduced in February or April 2013 CU's for SharePoint 2010 seem to be fixed in June 2013 CU, along with multiple other fixes mentioned in the release notes.
  1. Note Board web parts stop working: if you had added Note Board web part to your page, it was either not rendering anything, or posting new comments gave error message or just stuck submitting the message
  2. RSS Viewer Web Part now works when placed on a page with Content Editor Web Part 
So far there are no known new problems June CU introduced. Will update this post if something comes up. Fingers crossed.

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1 comment:

  1. After applying the 2013 June CU on 2010 the add webpart page (the webpart picker box) get's very small (approx 20px high) - do you know if there's a fix for this?