March 12, 2013

SharePoint 2013: Managed Navigation not working when inheriting from parent site


You're using SharePoint 2013 Managed Navigation in your site collection. You create new subsite (e.g., Team site or Community site) and on the new site creation form on "Navigation Inheritance" section you select Yes in "Use the top link bar from the parent site?". Still you still don't see the Managed Navigation on the newly created site.


Updated July 2013: Apparently you can fix this also by creating the subsite with navigation inheritance enabled, then going to navigation settings page of the subsite, and hit OK without making any changes.

Old solution

You need to create the site without Navigation Inheritance, so select No to Use the top link bar from the parent site?.
After creating the site, go to Navigation Settings of the site, and select Display the same navigation items as the parent site.


  1. I encountered the same issue and wrote code to fix it during feature activation. I have written about it here:

  2. This is simple and sort explanation about SharePoint development problem of Managed Navigation not working when inheriting from parent site.

  3. I'd like to confirm if I understand correctly what you are saying. I create Publishing Root Site Collection with Managed Navigation. Then I create new collaborative subsite without inheritance and then do inheritance manually.

    The reason I am asking is that you screenshot shows that parent is using Structural Navigation and not Managed.

  4. Pavel:
    Correct, my screenshot was apparently taken from some other site. It should show parent is also using Managed Navigation.

  5. As this is technically a publishing feature you may need to activate the publishing feature on your team sites/community sub site.

    1. Genius! thank you very much, that worked for me.