September 24, 2012

SharePoint Designer: Web Part PartOrder not working


When defining PartOrder property of a web part using SharePoint Designer 2010, no matter what integer you set as the value, the web part will get positioned incorrectly in the Web Part Zone.


Delete the ID property of the Web Part control and save the page. SPD will create a new ID for the Web Part control, and at the same time, web part order will start behaving correctly.


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  1. My junior also got this problem but from your site he could solve it.

  2. My amateur student web developers in Perth encountered this problem and I suggested this tip to them. I always tell them to remember this solution because if they forgot about it then it would eat their time.

  3. On my page there is a __WebPartId and a node.

    Which is it that I need to delete?

    This is haunting me...

  4. So my webparts have two ID's.

    __WebPartId as a webpart attribute


    WebPart sub node.

    Which do I delete?

  5. Delete the ID property - why didn't I think of that? I've been trying to do it the hard way, still, it never worked. Thanks for this info.

  6. I’ve been looking for this solution for a week. I’m grateful that I’ve finally found it. Now I can finish my project in time.

  7. Debugging solutions like this one is beneficial especially to those who aren't that knowledgeable in fixing technical errors. Good thing, post such as this one exist, they could simply follow this and could troubleshoot it right away.