June 7, 2012

SharePoint Online: Grant permissions for Delegated Administrators


After setting up a company as delegated administrator of a Office 365 tenant, I noticed that I couldn’t modify SharePoint Online content and sites of the tenant. This is obvious as they didn’t have any permissions to SharePoint in the first place. What wasn’t so obvious, was the user account or group that should be used when granting permissions to the delegated admins.


  1. Go to https://XYZ.sharepoint.com/_layouts/groups.aspx page on your site
  2. Find a group named Foreign Principal for ‘DELEGATE’ in Role ‘Company Administrator’ (GUIDS)
    1. ‘DELEGATE’ is the name of the company that was set as delegated admin for the Office 365 tenant
    2. (GUID) isn’t really a GUID, but a alphanumerical string containing dashes, that looks like GUID
    3. Example: Foreign Principal for 'Sulava Oy' in Role 'Company Administrator' (123456aa-5eaf-34ga-a11b-5b0adf095e9a5b13a072-5e7a-6b35-6b35-a9b3e7ae45aa)
  3. Click on the group name
  4. Copy Account string of the group, e.g., c:0ǵ.c|tenant|654321aa-5e7a-6b35-6c71-23456d4564dd
  5. Paste the account name to Site Collection Administrators group, or wherever you wish to grant permissions for the Delegated Admins
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  1. After setting up a company as delegated administrator of a Office 365 tenant I didn't knew what to do but with the help of your tutorial I was able to do this successfully. Wish you can share such more information to further learn something fruitful on SharePoint.

  2. Thank you Evan, I will keep posting always when I run into challenges that aren't at all or at least not easily findable on the net.