March 9, 2012

Codepage errors when creating installation package with WiX Toolset on Windows 8 CP


When trying to create Windows installation packages using WiX Toolset 3.5 on Windows 8 CP, you get errors like below.

A string was provided with characters that are not available in the specified database code page '1252'. Either change these characters to ones that exist in the database's code page, or update the database's code page by modifying one of the following attributes: Product/@Codepage, Module/@Codepage, Patch/@Codepage, PatchCreation/@Codepage, or WixLocalization/@Codepage.


This occurs when you’re using Visual Studio 2010, or Visual Studio 11 on Windows 8 CP that has specific Regional settings. If you’re using Finnish (Finland) regional settings, your Negative sign symbol is the culprit for this issue. Change Negative sign symbol to, e.g., -, and you’re good to go.


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