November 24, 2011

SharePoint: Some files not visible after migrating Content DB between Classic/Claims enabled Web Applications


After migrating a SharePoint 2010 Content DB to a freshly installed environment my style sheet located in /Style Library suddenly disappeared.

Well, without really thinking it through I created new .css file and renamed it to what it was and should be. I got error saying such file already exists. Say what?



What I didn't immediately remember was that when Content DB backup was taken, it was from a Web Application that was using Classic Mode Authentication.


The new environment instead is using Claims Based Authentication. So, what was going on was that my current user account didn't see the style sheet because the file was checked out to classic-based-me instead of claims-based-me at the time when backup was taken.

In addition that file had never been checked in by classic-based-me so there was no way I could see it when logged in with claims-based-me (from SharePoint permissions perspective they are two different user identities).


  1. Navigate to the list in question and go to settings of that list.
  2. On List Information screen you see "Manage files which have no checked in version"

  3. Select the file(s) you need to gain access to and select Take Ownership of Selection

  4. image
  5. BOOM! You have regained access to the file(s)!

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