November 6, 2010

Media Center Status Application version is out!

New version of was uploaded including proper fixes. If you installed before Nov 8th 2010, please download again and reinstall. Sorry about that!


  • Displaying Twitter friends’ status updates in Media Center now work
  • Removed "Status" update methond from Facebook as it no longer exists in Facebook

Download here


  1. About Facebook section: Update type "Status" is not work for Media Center.
    The program say "Unable to publish on facebook. Operation or method not implemented/supported".

    I'm using Windows 7 x64.

  2. Hi Anthony,
    seems like there is no longer "Status" functionality in Facebook. I'll have to verify if it has indeed been replaced by "A status message on a user's wall".

  3. reuploaded with correct version (Twitter really working, and disabled Status option from ConfigApp).