August 26, 2009

Media Center Status Application version 0.6 released

New features
  • Option to post new item to user's Facebook Wall instead of changing user Status. Configuration tool can be used to select whether to post to Wall, update user Status or do both.
  • User may configure specific Amazon shop (US/UK/FR/DE/JP/CA) which is queried before wall post in order to try to get some details, cover and rating of the media being played.
  • User may select what media types have Amazon queries enabled. By default Music, DVD, Video have queries enabled. TV related media types don't have it enabled by default as very few TV series have DVD boxes, resulting incorrect search results.
  • Extended permissions are now requested during Facebook login process (upon Media Center startup), so there is no need to grant permissions beforehand. Existing extended permission web page will remain for troubleshooting purposes.
  • If Facebook status update type is Wall, Facebook friends may hide status update messages on their News feed. Because of this, you might want to make sure not to spam your friends too much, so consider enabling Status update confirmation in configuration tool and/or increase the polling time to maybe few minutes.
  • Uses new Facebook desktop application authentication method.
  • No longer gets current Status from Facebook upon startup
  • No longer uses soon-to-be-deprecated Facebook domains. NOTE! Old versions (pre 0.6) of the application will STOP working when Facebook removes the old domains, so please update as soon as possible.
Download here


  1. Thanks for your work on this App! I've just updated to 0.6 and its working like a charm again.

    We are using the app purely for Twitter :-)

    I have a request (if you do requests that is?), not from me but from 'She' that must be obeyed .... is there any chance next to the 'OK' button you can put a supress button.

    As 'She' would like to supress updates for a set amount of time whilst we are watching a movie. Then when that set amount of time is up (maybe 90 mins) the updates will start again.

    Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

  2. Excellent idea, will implement it in the next version. Will also make that suppress updates time configurable.


  3. Jussi, that's brilliant thank you.

    One other thing with regards to popup messages which say they cannot connect to twitter can it be configurable (maybe via checkbox in the config) so these wont output to the screen?

    Again, thanks and keep up the good work as this is such a cool App to have running on Media Center Win7.