March 5, 2009

Media Center Status Application version 0.5 released!

What's new
  • Twitter support. Status can be updated also to Twitter.
  • Removed "Facebook" from the application name as it is now so much more than just Facebook status update.
  • Configuration tool was also updated to support Twitter configuration values

Due to the nature of Twitter, Twitter username and password are stored on you computer. In order to secure your Twitter password, it is encrypted before it is stored in Windows registry. Encryption is done with DPAPI user store, which means that only the same Windows account who encrypts the password is able to decrypt it.

NOTE! If you are sharing your Windows account and/or credentials with someone and they have access to the computer where Twitter password is stored in, they can decrypt your Twitter password relatively easily.

Twitter specific instructions
  1. Install application
  2. Start Media Center
  3. First time you're asked to log in into Twitter, provide your Twitter username and password. By checking the "Remember me" checkbox your credentials are stored on the machine (password is encrypted), and you don't need to log into Twitter every time you restart Media Center.
  4. Click Login, and the application will verify your Twitter credentials
  5. After that, your Twitter status will be automatically updated based on what you watch/listen in Media Center
  6. Different configuration values are described here.
Direct link to full x86 version is here.
Direct link to full x64 version is here.
Direct link to x86 patch here*.
Direct link to x64 patch here*.
Direct link to updated Configuration tool here.

Facebook application page is here and it contains more detailed information on how the application works.

My Twitter page:

*) Requires manual work but no restarts, see readme.txt.

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